DIY tiny weaving on paper

tinypaperweaving1tinypaperweaving2You don’t need any kind of loom at all for this project. Just the few simple materials you see above. And it is so much fun. I could spend hours at this tasktinypaperweaving3You start by making two rows of small holes on a sheet of heavy cardstock. (My holes are spaces 1/16” apart but you can adjust as you wish.)  Poke all the holes first–before you start stitching. Stitch the ”warp” of your weaving onto the paper.

tinypaperweaving9.jpgChoose a color of embroidery floss and thread a long strand of it onto a needle. Start weaving with your shapes first and then fill in around them.




tinypaperweaving6To hide your tails, thread them onto a needle and bring them through to the back of the cardstock. You can secure them with glue or tape.

tinypaperweaving8When you are finished you will have a small piece of artwork that you can frame. Or just hang it on your wall with tape 🙂


saya makes a softie

sayasoftie1.jpgsayasoftie2.jpgsayasoftie3.jpgsayasoftie4.jpgSaya made her first softie today. She did all of the designing and cutting out. I helped her a little with the sewing. I think it’s so cute.


embroidered linen bracelets



I have haven’t had a ton of time to make stuff so far this summer. I hate to multi-task and most days I choose to do something fun with my little one. But I have been stitching here and there. I made some embroidered linen bracelets. This is an updated version of bracelets I have made in the past. They are so much fun and always one of a kind. I listed them in my etsy shop if you’d like to have a look.


works in progress



We are working on new children’s pottery sets.  Our last batch wasn’t quite up to our standards, so we never put them for sale.  But we have high hopes for this new batch.  They should be for sale at the end of the month–in time for Christmas!

dove cups

This is a custom order that Junji did for a family of four. He made two adult cups and two children’s cups. Each cup has four doves on it. I hope they like them.
Some of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that Junji is the potter in our family. We actually both studied ceramics in college–that is how we met. We collaborate on design aspects, and I make pots very occasionally, but Junji really lives and breathes clay. I live and breathe fabric now I guess–and my beautiful lovable daughter of course.
But yes Junji makes the pots, and he can do custom orders. I will be posting a lot more about Junji’s pottery in the future. He has been very busy making lots of good stuff. Look.  Here he is hard at work…

children’s pottery sets






These sets have already been reserved, but I wanted to give you a little preview of the children’s pottery sets we will have available for sale in our etsy shop in September.  They are really sweet and sized perfectly for children’s portions.


…and a cute model



saya wearing apron

saya wearing apron 2



I have been making aprons recently, and I hope to have them for sale on etsy by the end of the week.  I have been trying to get pictures of as many of the aprons as possible.  These are just a few of what I have.  There are lots more.  I have been using mostly vintage fabrics found at estate sales and natural linen.  It’s been fun.  I will let you know when they are for sale.