DIY tiny weaving on paper

tinypaperweaving1tinypaperweaving2You don’t need any kind of loom at all for this project. Just the few simple materials you see above. And it is so much fun. I could spend hours at this tasktinypaperweaving3You start by making two rows of small holes on a sheet of heavy cardstock. (My holes are spaces 1/16” apart but you can adjust as you wish.)  Poke all the holes first–before you start stitching. Stitch the ”warp” of your weaving onto the paper.

tinypaperweaving9.jpgChoose a color of embroidery floss and thread a long strand of it onto a needle. Start weaving with your shapes first and then fill in around them.




tinypaperweaving6To hide your tails, thread them onto a needle and bring them through to the back of the cardstock. You can secure them with glue or tape.

tinypaperweaving8When you are finished you will have a small piece of artwork that you can frame. Or just hang it on your wall with tape 🙂


diy papercutting cards





I made some cards using botanical cutouts. I found images of botanical prints online, resized them, and then printed them onto colored cardstock. I then used scissors and an exacto knife to cut out the flowers. I did the same thing with the lettering. I used a free font called the only exception which you can download here.  I printed the text onto cardstock and cut out the letters. Before printing make sure to choose the fliphorizontally printing option because you will be flipping the cutouts over before gluing. I used a spray adhesive to glue the flowers and text onto the front of the cards.

I thought this would be a tedious project, but these were a lot quicker to make than I expected. I ended up making quite a few plus a framed picture for my daughter’s room.

something fun to do…

…for kids in Pittsburgh

Last weekend we were browsing around through the Strip District, and we were happy to discover that the Society for Contemporary Craft has a free Drop in Studio for children.  You can go anytime during public hours and make a craft with your kids.   They have an activity for you to do with all of the materials provided and examples to look at.  So if you are in the area you should drop in.  We had a lot of fun.


Saya played with beads.


Junji and I made this together.