Gobble You Up!

gobbleyouup2gobbleyouup1Saya and I checked this beautiful book out of the library a few days ago. It is printed and bound by hand. Saya and I decided do some black and white artwork on kraft paper inspired by the illustrations in this book.

gobbleyouup4There is something so satisfying about drawing with sharpies. I could have done this for hours and hours. For the white we used acrylic paint. I tried chalkboard markers first, but they didn’t show up very well on the kraft paper. The white acrylic paint worked well.

gobbleyouup5I had fun making this. I want to do another one tomorrow.

gobbleyouup6Saya’s is very cute. (And she said I could call it cute because it supposed to be cute ­čśë )

gobbleyouup7One last picture because Michael is cute and he wanted to be on the blog.