Grand Canyon


Sunrise. Grand Canyon. So beautiful.


on the road


We did a lot of driving on our trip. A LOT. We drove on dirt roads and roads so empty that we could stop and play frisbee in the middle of the them. We also experienced the longest (6 hours + ) of bumper to bumper traffic in our lives. But I have to say we did well. It helped that all of the scenery was beautiful.



We went on a big trip in September. We’ve been home for a few weeks, but re-entry into real life after a long trip can be tough, and I am just now starting to go through our photos. I will do a few more posts with photos from the trip.  Memories from California: meeting Pil Ho, Dao and Lauren, surfing, playing at the beach, Dave and Sahra’s wedding, browsing shops, visiting places John hung out at as a kid, dinner with Rafe

birthday gift

birthday gift

I made this as a birthday gift for one of Saya’s friends. I was planning to post more details about how I made it, but the photos didn’t turn out. 

Basically I just cut out five panels. One of the panels l I cut in half, then sewed it back together a few inches. (That’s the front panel.)

I sewed four of the seams together. At that point I hemmed the top and bottom. 

birthday gift 2

Finally, I sewed the fifth seam to close it up. Easy peasy. 

I wanted to do more decorations, but I ran out of time. The little deer is something I made a while back.

stitching by hand


I love stitching by hand. It takes a lot of time and I always wish I had more time. I am finishing a quilt I started a long time ago, and I am making bracelets for a new shop that is opening. I also have bracelets in my etsy shop. You can use the coupon code newhouse15 for 15% off.


handmade gift idea – etched wooden spoons




I made a lot of these spoons to give to family for Christmas. I found the idea on design mom. I thought it was great because it is something useful and I like the way they turned out. The wood burning tool was inexpensive and fun to use. I also made some hand-stitched linen napkins to go with them.

handmade gift idea – tiny mouse house




I made this little mouse house for Saya. The small case is from Target–it was plain and I decorated it. (I didn’t make the mouse. I splurged on a Maileg mouse. I love their toys so much.) I made a little quilt, pillow and blanket. Finally I bought another small paper box for $1 and painted the top to look like a table. Inside the box can store little foods and accessories for the mouse.